Photos/Medical: Bradley Hancock

The 9th Station,
14 – Via Crucis Australis, The Song Company
Sydney Town Hall

A Journey through the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday by the Song Company, Easter.

The 9th Station: Jesus Stumbles for the Third Time

A performative version of Stations of the Cross, commissioned by Sydney choral ensemble, The Song Company. Fourteen pieces of music from fourteen classical composers was accompanied by the work of fourteen artists – video, installation, design and live. In keeping with the tradition of the ritual, audience members travelled through the space from station to station.

senVoodoo’s interpretation of The 9th Station is an observation of power, control and the silencing of protest. It made direct reference to the imprisonment of asylum seekers in Australia, at that time on hunger strike.

senVoodoo was co-founded with AñA Wojak in 1998.