Photos Tereasa Trevor; video still (#4): Fiona McGregor

Bondi Beach
11 hour 36 minute endurance performance
14th June, 2009

A walk up and down Bondi Beach for the duration of a tide cycle.
6.42-18.18. Low tide, high tide, low tide.
10-13 degrees celcius.
No rests taken, no food eaten, water drunk.

Every third lap self-filmed.

Tidal Walk was the second performance in the ocean section of the Water Series. Photographs and a blog written the day after the performance can be found here. Photos by Tereasa Trevor were exhibited as part of Water Series at Artspace November 1-20 2011.

Acknowledgment goes to the original custodians of this place, the Birrabirragal people of the Eora or Dharug nation.