November 29 –
Marrickville Library, Tuesday 6-8.30pm. Presentation of some historical sources of my new novel Iris, set in 1930s inner Sydney.

November 7 –
My essay Acts of Avoidance, which chronicles a week in the life of a writer, has been shortlisted for the Woollahra Digital Literary Award. There’s a Readers’ Choice section this year, so cast your vote!

November 4 –
Enqueer Writers Festival, Sydney Uni, Friday 7-8pm. Shame/less. Panel with Jennifer Mills, Mark Mariano and Priyanka Bromhead.

October 24 –
Avid Reader Bookshop, Brisbane. Monday 6-8pm. In conversation with Kris Kneen about my novel Iris.

October 22 –
Berry Writers Festival, Saturday 5-6pm. Art and Artist, panel with Delia Falconer and Angela O’Keefe.

September 27 –
Publication day for my new novel Iris!

August 18 –
NSW Writers Centre, 6-8pm. Talking Writing is a panel of queer writers discussing the queer writers that have inspired them. I’ll be appearing with Bastian Fox Phelan and George Haddad, and talking about Kathleen Mary Fallon’s ‘Working Hot’ (1989), which I wrote an essay about called ‘The Hot Desk’ in Sydney Review of Books a few years ago.

June 23 –
Sydney, I’m home. And participating in a panel for Open Secrets, Catriona Menzies-Pike’s wonderful anthology of essays about writers at work originally published in Sydney Review of Books. I’ll be appearing with Lauren Carroll Harris and Sunil Badami. 6pm, at the State Library of NSW.

June 8 –
After 16 years, I am finally going back to Poland. To Lublin, where Biblioteka Azyl is hosting a conversation with me. I’ll be talking about my books Strange museums and Buried not dead. We’ll start around 18.00.

May 27 –
My time in Roma is sadly coming to an end. Come and see me read with Iranian-American poet Jahan Khajavi, at Almost Corner Bookshop, via del Moro, Trastevere. 19.30, see you there.


December 6 –
Ehi! Buried not dead has been shortlisted for the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards!

November 15 –
I’ve arrived in Rome to take up a fellowship at the BR Whiting Studio in downtown Trastevere. I’ll be here for a few months finishing a novel, as well as filing the last two essays for my Carriageworks Residency.

July 7 –
At Carriageworks, I’ve been appointed 2nd Writer-in-Residence. As the outbreak spreads across Sydney, the venue has closed, but I will still be uploading writing to the site. Check Writing Online, or
Instagram or

April 30 –
At Sydney Writers’ Festival, I’ll be appearing at the Gala Event at Sydney Town Hall. Theme is Within Reach.

April 10 –
At Queerstories I’ll be presenting a funny story from my early days as a writer, called Of Porn, Parties and the Perils of Censorship. Two shows, at Giant Dwarf Theatre.

March 25 –
Launch of Buried not dead at the Cactus Bar, supported by Better Read than Dead. Big delay due to Covid regulations, and sold out.

February 24-
Book Signing! I’ll be signing copies of Buried not dead outside The Bookshop, Darlinghurst, for Shop til you Drop. Come and say Hallo.

February 1-
Publication of my non-fiction collection Buried not dead by Giramondo. At last!


November-February 2021 –
My residency at the Whiting Studio in Roma has unfortunately been postponed due to the pandemic. Hopefully it will take place next year.

October 24-25 –
Come to Day for Night at Liveworks. I’ll be presenting a manifesto for the future of dance parties. The event will be very different this year, due to Covid 19, with appropriate distancing observed.

Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, both Sydney and Newcastle Writers Festivals were cancelled. As well, the publication of my book of essays Buried not Dead  has been delayed until February 2021. I will be taking up my residency at the Whiting Studio in Rome in November 2021.

April 27 – May 3 –
At Sydney Writers Festival, I’ll be chairing a panel on transgressive writing featuring Christos Tsiolkas, Krissy Kneen and Peter Polites.

April 4-5 –
At Newcastle Writers Festival, I’ll be doing a panel on my photoessay A Novel Idea, a performance of the same, and chairing a panel on art in the age of crisis. I’ll also be presenting at Queerstories.

January –
Thrilled to announce I’ve been selected as one of the residents at the Whiting Studio in Rome. I’ll be there from November 2020 until January 2021.


Just announced: Giramondo will be publishing my collection of non-fiction in July 2020. Most of it is essays about performance, from internationally renowned Marina Abramović and Mike Parr, to a swathe of artists from Sydney’s queer underground going back almost 30 years. There are also essays on books, and on place. Can’t wait to bring this to you all!

August-September –
Come to Melbourne Writers Festival. I’ll be doing a panel on disgust in the context of queer desire, and performing an embodiment of my photoessay A Novel Idea.

June –  A Novel Idea, Photoessay published by Giramondo, Sydney.

May –
The Hot Desk My essay on Kathleen Mary Fallon’s novel ‘Working Hot’, has won The Woollahra Digital Literary Award. Really excited to have TWO books out this year, compensating for the NINE year wait! (both incidentally were written yeeeeears ago … ) – Can’t wait!

March –
L’Encre Vive, French translation of Indelible Ink, published by Actes Sud


Friday December 7, 7pm
Queerstories – Queer Family Xmas
Giant Dwarf Theatre, Cleveland Street

Saturday November 3, 9pm-4am
UNDEAD III – chemistry
Red Rattler Theatre
Our third annual dance party on the feast day of Halloween/Day of the Dead/Samhain to raise funds for Unharm, a grassroots organisation working towards drug law reform. UNDEAD III – chemistry

July 12 – 7-8.30pm. Bondi Pavilion Gallery.
The Serpentine Performance. Screening of a Leigh Bowery film, followed by a panel with Owen Leong, Emma Price, Gary Carsley, Paul Howard, William Yang and myself. Leigh Bowery

June 25 – Midday
Pride of Place: queer writing in Australia. Panel with Benjamin Law and Quinn Eades. Sydney University. Mardi Gras 40th anniversary

March –
Writer-in-residence, Bundanon.

October 28 – 10pm-4.30am
UNDEAD II – Political Animals
Oxford Arts Factory
Our second dance party on the feast day of Halloween/Day of the Dead/Samhain to raise funds for Unharm, a grassroots organisation working towards drug law reform. Last year went off!

August 1-13
Writer-in-residence. Bundanon.

This year saw me move to Jane Novak Literary Agency. JNLA

October 29 – 10pm-late
Midnight Shift
A dance party on the feast day of Halloween/Day of the Dead to raise funds for Unharm, a grassroots organisation working towards drug law reform.

August 4 – 5-7pm
Performance with Sheree Rose, US performance artist, at UNSW Galleries for ‘The Patient’, curated by Bec Dean.
August 2 – 5-6pm
In conversation with Sheree Rose.

July 26-28 –
Writer-in-Residence. Wollongong University
July 28 – 6-7pm
In conversation with Shady Cosgrove.

February 27 –
‘Bloodthirsty Savagery’ – paper at LGBT History Month Conference, Manchester University, UK

February –
Uploaded from the Power Institute, Sydney University, a video of my lecture on Sydney artist Cigdem Aydemir

August 24-31 –
Writer-in-Residence. Bundanon.
May 1-15 –
Writer-in-residence. Bundanon.

April 29 – Lecture on Sydney artist Cigdem Aydemir’s performance installation series Extremist Activity . Sydney University, Madden Building, 6-7.30pm. Commissioned by the Power Institute for the New Eyes New Voices series sponsored by CAL.
Using the veil as her canvas, Aydemir responds to Australian Islamophobia, and notions of dress, site, bodies and the body politic, with wit and provocation. This lecture will be published as an essay later in the year.

April 2 – May 16 –
Performance Presence/Video Time AEAF, Adelaide. Curated by Anne Marsh and Nicolas Tsoutas, this is a major survey of performance art in Australia, with particular focus on live art and video as both document, trace and first performance. Works of mine include Dead Art (2007), You Have the Body , and Revolting (2008) (with SJ Norman).

This year I started writing Portraits for The Saturday Paper. You will find links to them under Writings Online. I will also be writing a major critical essay for The Monthly on Marina Abramovic later in the year, in response to her shows at MONA in Tasmania and Kaldor in Sydney.

2014 – 2015
December 4-February 15 – Same River Twice AEAF, Adelaide. Group exhibition focussing on the Murray River, where I will be showing a trace video of Water #1 – Descent

November 29 – Homosexual Histories Conference, University Technology, Sydney. 1.30-3pm. I will be presenting Bloodthirsty Savagery, a paper on Iris Webber, queer criminal of Sydney’s sly-grog era.

November 25 – Memoir Club, Literary Centre, Randwick. I will be discussing my travel memoir Strange Museums with Guy Davidson. 6-9pm.

November 24 – Wheeler Centre, Melbourne: Women on Women – for Middlesex Week. 6.15-7.15pm.

May 15 – Salon on Durational Aesthetics in the context of the Tehching Tsieh exhibition at Carriageworks.
I will be on a panel with artists Barbara Campbell, Tess de Quincey, Brown Council and others, 3.15-4.15pm.
Presented by Carriageworks, Performance Space, and UNSW.

October – Dirt (Scribe). The long awaited ebook of my book of interlinked short stories, originally published as Suck My Toes by McPhee Gribble in 1994, reissued by Allen & Unwin in 1996. Please note that the title alone has changed: the stories are exactly as they were on original publication in the 90s.

October – Au Pair (Scribe). The ebook of my first novel, originally published by McPhee Gribble in 1993. I think Scribe has done a great job on the cover. Follow the link for more.

October – Rock Country (Hardie Grant). Edited by Christian Ryan, this anthology of essays about Australian music is also a sumptuous collection of some of the best photography of live music in this country going back decades. I have written an essay about DJ and jazz drummer Lanny K, who scorched Sydney dancefloors in the 90s and 00s. Other writers include Clinton Walker, Peter Doyle, Maria Tumarkin, MJ Hyland.

October – A Country Too Far (Penguin). Edited by Rosie Scott and Tom Keneally, this anthology collects writing from 27 of Australia’s foremost authors on the theme of asylum seekers. I have written a profile piece on Jiva Parthipan, dancer and producer working with asylum seekers in Sydney. Other writers include Sue Woolfe, Les Murray, Anna Funder, Kim Scott, Judith Wright.

September – The long awaited ebooks of my first two books, Au Pair and Dirt, to be published by Scribe.

September 17 – 7pm – Gleebooks, Sydney. I’ll be talking to Melbourne author Chris Womersley about his latest novel Cairo.

August 26 – Reincarnating the Forensic – Justice & Police Museum – a workshop with people working across a variety of disciplines, including Reg Mombassa, Mark Tedeschi and Judge Megan Latham, discussing the afterlife of forensic photographs. Curated by Peter Doyle and Nerida Campbell.

April – Saturday 13th – 13 Rooms – Kaldor Art Projects. Talk on duration in performance, vis Fujiwara’s Future Perfect.

February – I am spending the first two months of this year working on essays – both profile pieces – the first of Jiva Parthipan, community arts worker managing a large program of events across a variety of media with refugees. The second of DJ and drummer Lanny Katzin. They will be published later this year in anthologies. Watch this space.


November 17 & 24 – 12.30/1pm – SEXES, Carriageworks – performative lecture

August-September – Writer-in-Residence, Bundanon

July – essay on Peter Doyle, on Wheeler Centre website

May 10-13 – appearances at NT Writers Festival, Darwin

March 7 & 8 – appearances at Adelaide Writers Week. Panel on Unhappy Families, and Meet the Author session

February 18, 3pm – reading from Indelible Ink, with Martin Edmond, for Five Bells at Damien Minton Gallery, Redfern, Sydney.


November 15, 12pm – November 16, 12 pm – Water #13 – Expulsion
Artspace, Cowper Wharf Rd, Woolloomooloo, Sydney

November 8, 8.30pm – Water #2 – Passage
A performance in two parts
Artspace, Cowper Wharf Rd, Woolloomooloo, Sydney

November 1, 12pm – November 2, 12pm – Water #1 – Descent
Artspace, Cowper Wharf Rd, Woolloomooloo, Sydney

September 22 – This is all a bit dry isn’t it folks … just to let you know, I’m beavering away on my Water Series which will show at Artspace in November – it will be big and exciting – see above and below for dates … I’m writing an article about Cockatoo Island which will appear in The Monthly, doing a bit of teaching etc …. It’s a performance year mainly … I need more time off, feeling in the mood to get out to the waterways now it’s getting warmer and I’m an inner city girl again on a bike without a car …

November 1-20 – Water series – video installation and three live works.
Photomedia from two previous performances will show from the beginning of the exhibition. Each Tuesday, a live performance will take place, and the trace from it will form an installation which will remain for the duration of the exhibition. Eventually, Water Series, will accumulate throughout all the gallery spaces.
Artspace, Cowper Wharf Rd, Woolloomooloo, Sydney

September 3 – Author’s Talk
2pm, Peel St, Tamworth Library

August 25 – Indelible Ink wins Age Book of the Year!
Melbourne Writers Festival

June 25 – July 9 – Writer in Residence, Literaturwerkstatt, Berlin

June 7 – Reading and interview with Claudia Kramastchek.
20-21.30Uhr, Literaturwerkstatt, 97 Knaackstr, Berlin

May 17 – In conversation with Tegan Bennett Daylight.
11.30 – 12.30pm, Carrington Hotel, Katoomba. A Varuna Writers Centre event for the Sydney Writers Festival

May 11 – Chat Show Guest – The Chaser’s Empty Vessel.
8pm, King’s Cross Hotel, William St, King’s Cross