Links to essays, articles and reviews online. Much of this writing is about performance.


Essay, Sydney Review of Books On writing under Lockdown

Artist profile, The Saturday Paper Performance artist Rakini Devi

Review, The Saturday Paper No Show at Carriageworks

Essay, Meanjin On dancing, performance and parties


Article, The Monthly – Rebuilding after the bushfires


Review, Running Dog Mike Parr’s The Eternal Opening/Towards an Amazonian Black Square

Review, Running Dog Day for Night, Liveworks, Performance Space

Article, The Monthly Strip Searching by NSW Police 

Review, Sydney Review of Books World War Noir and The Afterlife of Evidence

Review, Running Dog Naughty Noodle Fun Haus, Central Coast

Essay, Sydney Review of Books On Kathleen Mary Fallon’s Working Hot

Review, Audrey Journal РLe G̢teau Chocolat at Sydney Festival

Review, Audrey Journal – Sydney Festival’s Feature Cabaret ‘Pigalle’


Review, The Monthly – STC’s adaptation of Ruth Park’s ‘The Harp in the South’

Review, Runway – Mike Parr’s ‘Underneath the Bitumen the Artist’

Review, Running Dog – Ghenoa Gela’s ‘My Urrwai’

Review, Running Dog – Katharina Grosse’s ‘The horse trotted … ‘

Review, Overland – The Wooster Group’s The Town Hall Affair


Review, The Monthly – Yovich and Valentine’s Barbara and the Camp Dogs at Belvoir

Essay, Sydney Review of Books – On Surry Hills, for SRB’s series of essays on place

Review, The Monthly – Liveworks round-up including Justin Shoulder, Eisa Jocson and Jen Jamieson

Review, The Monthly – Nat Randall and Anna Breckon’s The Second Woman for Liveworks

Review, The Monthly – Agathe Gothe-Snape’s Rhetorical Chorus for Liveworks

Polemic, Overland – A letter to the Prime Minister about the postal vote on same sex marriage

Review, The Monthly – Taylor Mac’s HIR starring Kurt Pimblett

Review, The Monthly – Bangarra Dance Theatre’s Bennelong at Sydney Opera House

Review, The Monthly – Patricia Cornelius’s SHIT at the Seymour Centre

Review, Overland – DC Extended Universe’s Wonder Woman


Essay, Black Inc – ‘The Experience Machine’ – a discursive essay on Marina Abramovic in Australia

Review, Overland – Mike Parr’s On Manus Island at Campbelltown Arts Centre

Review, The Monthly – Mike Parr’s Foreign Looking at the National Gallery

Profile, The Saturday Paper – Mike Parr

Portrait, The Saturday Paper – Murray Bell

Portrait, The Saturday Paper – Vittorio Bianchi

Review, RealTime – ‘Disaffected at Blacktown Arts Centre

Article, Overland – on police activity at the entrance to Sydney’s Mardi Gras party


Review, Artlink – Liveworks, Performance Space, overview

Review, RealTime – Liveworks, Performance Space

Review, RealTime – Liveworks: Latai Taumoepeau’s Repatriate I & II

Biography, Dictionary of Sydney – Iris Webber

Review, The Monthly – on Marina Abramovic in Australia

Review, RealTime – 48 Hr Incident, Gallery 4A

Portrait, The Saturday Paper – Ralph Dixon

Portrait, The Saturday Paper – Vashti Hughes

Review, RealTime – Day For Night, Performance Space

Portrait, The Saturday Paper – Teresa Avila

Portrait, The Saturday Paper – Bev Nichols


Essay, Sturgeon Magazine – on artist Greg Semu

Review, RealTime – Yowza Yowza Yowza, Wollongong University

Review, RealTime – Day for Night, Performance Space


Essay, The Wheeler Centre – on writer Peter doyle


Article, The Monthly – on Cockatoo Island

Article, The Age – on body art

Review, RealTime – Liveworks, Performance Space


Review, RealTime – BUMP Projects, Hordern Pavilion

Review, RealTime – Ms&Mr and Samuel James, Artspace


Review, RealTime – Quick & Dirty II, Performance Space


Review, RealTime – U Little Stripper! Lanfranchi’s Memorial Discoteque

Essay, Overland – from Strange Museums


Review, RealTime – Interakcje, Action Art Festival, Poland